The Springfield Project. is bringing our small band of reporters to Springfield, Mo., this summer. We’ll be digging into this theme of an Interconnected America — How is what’s happening in the Ozarks connected to what’s happening elsewhere in the country?

This is the story of how we’re all tied up together in this thing, how immigration in Alabama and health care in Iowa and poverty in Detroit are all intertwined. We want to tell the story of where we, The People, are at this very moment, and what is keeping us from being all that we hope to become.

As election time comes closer, will be on the ground, looking at what’s happening in the Ozarks, where the South and the Midwest meet, as we dig into the issues that are keeping locals from living the lives they want to live.

We’ll also be working with an amazing team of news partners, including:


The Library Center in Springfield

The Springfield-Greene County Libraries
You probably don’t think of the library as a hub for news. But that’s exactly what they’re becoming. Especially in the Ozarks, the library system is the pulse of the community. They’re becoming a place for discussion, and they’ve always been a go-to source for information.

This summer, we’ll be working with the library system to put on the “Letters to Springfield” campaign. We think that news organizations need to do a better job of building community, and the library system is going to help us build that community around our stories.


Community Publishers
This network of Ozark weeklies has remarkable clout in their communities. Long before hyper-local became a buzzword, these papers — in towns like Bolivar, Buffalo and Ozark — were delivering news about the things happening on their block. They’ll be working with as a syndication partner this summer.


Missouri News Horizon
The statehouse in Jefferson City, Mo., isn’t very big, and news organizations are devoting fewer and fewer resources to Missouri statehouse coverage. But Missouri News Horizon is always there, giving publishers and readers around the state a glimpse into the world inside the capitol.

Missouri News Horizon will be working with as a syndication partner this summer. They’ll also be helping provide the political angle on these local stories in the Ozarks.

In addition, will be contributing content and insight for Missouri News Horizon’s daily radio newscast, which is broadcast across the state.

For the latest headlines from Missouri News Horizon, check out the widget below:

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