Goodbye, Springfield.

So our summer of reporting from the Ozarks is over. We learned a lot. We heard a lot of amazing stories. And we'd like to say, one more time: Thanks, Springfield. You were great to us.

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About STRY

We’re [pronounced STOHR-ee], a new type of news organization. We don’t care much about big headlines or news of the day, and we’re not easily distracted. We’re just a band of reporters in pursuit of great storytelling. We tell stories about the issues that affect our lives.

What we’re doing is different, and we’re okay with that. Come join us.

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The Springfield Project is on the ground in Springfield, Mo., this summer, looking at what’s happening in the Ozarks, at this place where the South and the Midwest meet. We’re trying to tell the story of the people here, and document what’s on their minds in the summer of 2012.

We’re also working with news partners here in Missouri — some traditional, some untraditional. They’re helping us tell great stories and build a stronger community around news.

If you’re looking for more information about our “Letters to Springfield” project, please check out

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We see as a lab for storytelling, community building and experimentation. We’re trying a lot of new stuff. And we’re documenting all of our news experiments here on the blog.

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